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Your Satisfaction is Our Success!
     The Lancaster Company Real Estate and Appraisals has always valued relationships...relationships that develop from personalized service and knowledge. We know nothing beats that feeling when you call a business and the person answering the phone immediately recongizes your voice, where you grew up, your favorite restaurant, your dog's name, etc. Seriously, in today's crazy and hectic world, it is nice to have a company that puts you and your needs first.
     The Lancaster Company Real Estate is a boutique full-service real estate and appraisal company. Clients are starting to prefer "boutique firms" and recognize that "bigger is not better." The Real Estate and Appraisal process can be a stressful. Clients are expecting immediate responses, and they are demanding flexibility in their real estate and appraisal needs. Our size enables us to respond quickly adapt and cater to any situation and not overlook the details. We are passionate about our business. We chose quality over quantity because our name, literally, is on the line - The Lancaster Company/Lanny Lancaster.